Note From Chris Nunn:

Hello, this video was made for demonstration purposes to showcase 7th Sounds Productions' post production services for linear and nonlinear media. This particular demo reel used a game called "The Blacksmith".  The game was developed using the Unity platform and delivered to us without any sounds or audio. 

All editing was done in Pro Tools using effects units such as  Native Instruments Guitar Rig and Reaktor. The audio for the cinematic game video was edited and paired with the video in Pro Tools.  The audio for the gameplay video was implemented into Unity using Wwise. 

What you hear: The title card/audio logo was created  using Foley work of common everyday items such as an electric car seat and ice falling in a metal sink. Sounds in the game video came from Westar Library or were developed using VST instruments. Some processing was done in Pro Tools while other effect came from Wwise.

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